Thanks once again for following the meanderings of Zephyr throughout the year. People have asked where I come up with this stuff — though happily, never why, which is kind. But it is actually fun, and I suppose it would have to be that way, since I’m hardly getting rich from the effort.

What about 2011 and the pluses and minuses? Did I get a promotion? Well, yeah, I’m now the editor-in-chief, along with being the publisher and Grand Sage of this humble blog. Is Kris now CEO of her airline? Nope, but she continues to charm the passengers on every run. Never mind about this year’s crop of tomatoes.

And the world? It seems to help if you mainly watch, with a ready sense of humor. I’ve always concluded that our nutso country inevitably returns to the surface because of a 200-years-old set of orders and procedures that can be counted on to work, despite the crazies who presume to run the place. You could argue that we don’t deserve it — and I’d agree — but there you are.

So on we go, with Kris and I convinced we’re the luckiest two people on the planet. And hopefully, you feel you could launch a serious challenge to that, as well.

Merry Christmas and a wild New Year.

Kris and John