Hope you like the new look. It’s a bit wild, plus I’ve added a couple more features. But the idea is the same and the content will be in line with musings of the past: the fun of daily life, observations of the ridiculous and the sublime, and humor wherever we can find it.

So far, I’ve managed to stay away from politics, which is by design. Then again, no promises in that regard. More often than not, the guys in charge go so far beyond the pale that resisting comment is kinda tough. But I’ll try to grit my teeth.

What I’m after at this point is getting involvement from you. The real idea behind blogging is interactive communications. It’s one thing for people like me to pontificate endlessly to readers — you — who likely say to their significant others things like, “Very cool. I never thought of that,” or ” The guy’s a nut and ought to be locked in the attic.” Or you can react to what I or others say by commenting. Putting your two cents out there for a larger audience to see, and perhaps react to as well.

If you follow columnists in on-line newspapers — oh, like Gail Collins in the New York Times — you’ll also see reactions and comments at the bottom of the column, some brainy, some the work of certified bozos. But they all say what they think about the ideas expressed in the column. Same thing with blogs: involvement. That’s where the fun comes in.

Give you an example. In a recent post I reminisced about frolicking in the snow as a kid. Crazy. But I’ll just bet you can top that. Put it in print and I’ll post it. And I’m also betting that you won’t be alone. Plus, if you have a picture of your best friend failing in her attempt to dislodge a tree on the local ski run, I can throw that in as well. Hoo-hah!

Here’s what you do.

At the top of each post there’s a balloon with a “zero” in it.” Click on that. A window will open where you can put in your name and email address. You have to fill in those in order to continue, but be assured that your email address will not appear when your comment is posted. There’s also a space for a Web site if you care to list it, but again, it’s not required.

Then you type in your comments, remarks and any other information you’d like the world to know, but please, within the context of the subject at hand. And, of course, within the bounds of good taste.

Following your entry I get the opportunity to approve or disapprove, and even do some editing if you run long or abusive — Hey, the New York Times demands the same privilege, and I do admire the big boys. Then, on it goes at the bottom of the post, along with others, and becomes fair game for further reactions by me and your best friends. What you call a true dialogue. Who knows? You might even agree with me. Or not. Either way, I can take it.

So again, welcome back for more of the same, under a  fresh paint job. I hope we can talk.

John K.