I’m screamin’ ’bout a wet Christmas. No, actually, I’m singin’ in the rain. And this year, as opposed to the last decade (that’s what they’re saying), I’m getting plenty to warble about. In short, good times. Snuggling times. With our shopping completely done — as of a week ago — we’ve loaded up on movies and have already laughed our way through Lewis Black’s “I’m dreaming of a Black Christmas.” Good times. We’re very happy, even here in the hot-bed of Republicanism, and continue to discover new places and things. What’s not to like? The state of California and the nation are still solvent, and B of A hasn’t returned a check in years.

Well, O.K. I’d complain, but who’d listen? I’ve already said I’d pretty much stay out of political comment, the above notwithstanding. No, I think I’d rather say that the past year has, again, been one of discovery (good stuff) and renewal, and we’ve reloaded, as it were, for the coming of our “next third” of life in America. Plus, I decline to talk about aches and pains, or acquisitions (none to speak of anyhow) or promotions or recognitions. Instead, I’ll continue to knock out stuff like this and Kris will continue to soar above the planet; it definitely works for us. New things? Everyday. And there is never, ever someone saying, “If only…” We don’t necessarily use this time of year to take stock of ourselves and saddle ourselves with fresh resolve. That’s an everyday exercise that we find valuable on a constant and more immediate basis.

Meantime, we’ll be having a merry (and apparently damp) Christmas. Wishing you much of same. And thanking you for taking the time throughout the year to view so many of my notes to the civilized world. Since I launched “Zephyr” almost a year ago, there have been more than 25,000 words sent your way, some not too bad, many a bit of a reach. The ongoing intent from the very first post has been to offer small reflections of our nutso world, and always with affection and humor. Given that our survival sort of depends on that, I’ve tried to add my own contributions.

So again, thanks for tuning in. I look forward to sharing a lot more in the new year that looms ahead.

John & Kris