Maybe’s three’s the charm.

As you’ve noticed, I did another name modification. Now it’s just “Zephyr.”

In recent days I’ve been calling the site “California Zephyr,” a nod toward the Amtrak train of the same name that goes from Emeryville ( essentially San Francisco) to Chicago. Being a train nut — as you know — I liked the association and the sense of movement. But then again, it finally struck me as not being completely original, so I got out the cutting tools.

A zephyr, as you may know, would be a soft desert wind, which will be a pretty good on-going word to characterize my thoughts and, well, musings. My point of view, but I’ll try to not beat you over the head with them.

The existing URL will work with the new title, as you’ve already found out. No alteration needed there. And I’ll be providing the same kind of fare, with the hope that the site is a worthwhile read.

Stay tuned…and thanks.

John K.