So I figured, why not? Given that the job of the writer is to occasionally ask good questions, I thought to pose same to ears beyond those of my drinking buddies, relatives and Kris. And since the Times has not yet chosen to grace their pages with a thrice weekly column  from my keyboard, well then, what the hey, get on line and see what the market will bear.

As this progressed from a wild-assed notion to electronic realization, friends naturally wanted to know — as they always do — what do you intend to write about? My first response was always to be elusive and reply with my favorite crack, “Oh, I dunno. Probably porn ( you know: go with things near and dear to your heart).” Couple of chuckles, then a more likely answer: I’m a boomer, so I’ll make that the underlying theme, further specified as the life and times of a single boomer.

Does it matter? Are we approaching anything original here? Maybe so. In my view, there hasn’t been all that much said about the millions who are now about to utterly bankrupt the Social Security system. Oh sure, statistics are rampant and AARP Magazine seems to sell well, but the culture and choices of the 50-plus crowd don’t get a lot of screen time, unless you consider the last few films of Meryl Streep. And little is said about the aspirations of the work-weary. “What do I do next?” is typically an inquiry with few concrete answers for those approaching retirement than in all preceding generations, especially for single people. Mind you, for most of us this is not a scary proposition, it’s just that few precedents exist. So my colleagues, as often as not, simply say, “Uh, well, I don’t really know. I’ll have to get back to you.”

Hence, for what it’s worth, I’ll be trying to throw a few thoughts your way a couple of times a week that have a little value, believing as I do, that civil discourse is a good and essential thing.